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Local Tribe, Commercial Spaces

Artist studios & yoga studios spaces

Did you ever need to rent a space for your startup? Looking for a clean, modern, inspired studio for anything from art to yoga? Host a regular class, or a special workshop in a local studio.

Trendy industrial hive spaces

Working together is better! Find a communal work space with all the facilities of a traditional office. Finding an commercial or industrial space outside of your community leaves you disconnected from the city. How about we reactivate the industrial precinct near by the place you live.

Local Tribe, Commercial Spaces

Small businesses, start-ups, pop-up shops or even large companies are looking for cheap rent.

Maximise your profit
Look, you are paying rent for your space; your off hours are a missed opportunity! Share your space, and share the rent!
Find your match
Don't just rent to anyone, find a renter or a project that interests you. Cultivate mutual understanding and harmony with new members of your community.
Hands-off management
Maybe you don't want to become a landlord, well, Local Tribe handles short and longer term contracts, so expectations are clear.

What other purposes can unused space be used for? Just to name a few...

Bring your brand to a storefront to grow your small retail business without having to the hassle of signing long term contracts.
Looking for the ideal background for professional photos? Rent the perfect space to make your photos really stand out.
Cooking classes, fundraisers, private parties. Rent a fully equipped kitchen with all the frills to cook the perfect meal.
Looking to make a difference in your community? Develop ongoing athletic programs or mentoring programs for youths? There are plenty of spaces for that.
Moving? Traveling or relocating between homes? Find a safe, clean, space to store your belongings for short and long term spaces.